Monday, 15 June 2015

The Son over the Yardarm

class project boat for americas cupblood stool urine semen pregnancy test clinicToday in school we finally did the mathematics challenge as issued by Grandad. The teacher didn't follow all the instructions so some of the numbers chosen by my colleagues didn't work, and we might have to try again. Grandad says the proof is a degree-level treatise so we shall have to see how well our teacher does.
freshly painted metal climbing frame
We exhibited our boats this afternoon but mine wasn't good enough to get onto the top tables in the assembly hall, don't see why, it just screams catamaran to me.
I am changing Klans again. Erin says I never stay anywhere long, but that's just because I can always see a better Klan elsewhere! I'm trying to improve my Level 5 Town Hall but it's difficult when you don't have an enchanted Sink Plunger OR £750,000.
The council workmen have been painting the climbing frames in the park so we went to investigate and have a climb. They are much brighter, but also more slippery due to the new paint, that's why I slipped off the monkey bars, honest.
At Scouts they had a Table-of-Tribute (same after every camp) where all the forgotten clothing and cutlery etc is displayed for the owners to reclaim. I won my pyjama bottoms and my hoodie. We went into the park to hunt for leaves of different shapes. Soon we'll visit Ben's Bumpy Paths and try to find the conker trees we planted.

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