Saturday, 27 June 2015

Madness at Tiggleton Corner

civil war re enactment swordfighting parcticeJof went to work today so I took my time and got up with a 9 in it. I proceeded to watch Youtubes of Minecrafters with their bottoms on fire shooting each other. He got up at 1030 which was good considering I have to be at the Theatre for 1130 so it was Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring With Nobs On, we scuttled around putting up laundry and hoovering toast and I made it to acting with 12 minutes to spare, not bad.
In acting we had yet another new teacher and we mostly played games like ZipZap and Woops, The Teacher's Lost His Keys and Sitting/Standing/Lying in the doctor's waiting room. I played an old man who'd swallowed a nail and perforated a lung, and a boy played the incredible Hulk who had lost a hand and some blood in a fight with a supervillain.
the common play park southamptonThen we needed lunch so in an obvious move we drove to Southampton in the bright sunshine to investigate a new park. 'The Common' is a large green enclosure with forests, lakes, meadows and streams right in the middle of Southampton.
Searches on Google Earth had hinted at a splashpark, playpark and lots of bike paths. Our mission was to assess the threat to our freedom, eat lunch in 'The Cowherds' country pub and generally plan for an invasion. Even as we approached we could see millions of little people in the splashpark so once we'd ordered food I went off incognito on a scouting mission.
The kiddies menu in the pub had some colouring-in pictures of happy rabbits and hedgehogs and sunflowers so I added bombs and the soldier out of Predator with a mini-gun and a Harrier with missiles and the trees were on fire and a meteorite was coming in to land. We left it for the social services to find.
paddling pool common avenue southamptonThe meal was excellent and so was the splashpark. It's deeper than usual and has added fountains and some zorbing balls and we hit the swing park which has a roundabout, castellated climbing frame with slides, and a curious isolated double-L-shaped asphalted road system like an outback airstrip which was good for bikes and skateboards.
Nearby we could see a tempting ice cream van so I got a choc dip cone and it was very tall with added quick-set choc sauce and we went to the duck pond and there were a few ducks, millions of pigeons and seagulls, and a family of swans with 4 cygnets. I fed them some crunched-up cone off my ice cream and Bud kicked a pigeon.
broken boughs of oak tree on southampton commonWe saw rats in the bushes and a chap juggling skittles in the giant meadow and there was a fallen oak tree which was ace for climbing. I climbed higher and higher and had to be slightly rescued and didn't fall into the blackberry bushes hardly at all.
tegan victoria breeWe never got as far as the boating lake or the ornamental lake or the wildlife centre but we did see a sign saying protect our hedge-pigs so we called it Tiggleton Corner. Many people were having barbecues and half a dozen medieval warriors were having a swordfight under the mature oak trees by the long tree-lined avenue but when you're me, you get used to temporal distortions and flanges in the fabric of reality. A girl with pretty eyes and I twizzled the roundabout so fast, a small boy fell out, oh dear.
We will return to this hallowed spot one day with bicycles and swimming costumes.
I bought some fruit shoots at the bar and we drove home where Jof was tired so I elected to watch 'The Running Man' because it's all about acting. And chopping, and shooting, and electrocuting ... Jof finally put me to bed at 11 thirty-something, but who's counting..

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