Tuesday, 30 June 2015

We're off to see the Lizard

msn news website funny headline gunshot failToday was the longed-for trip to Marwell Zoo, partially paid for by our antics at the School Fayre.
marwell zoo hampshireIt was very hot so the coach was fun and sticky.
Some of us had been swapped between classes to split up the giggling troublemakers although I maintain that wasn't my fault.
We worked our way around the zoo trying to see the animals' willies and lots of us had cameras and Miss M said she was sad I wasn't in her class this time and she didn't have an official photographer.
marwell zoo hothouse tropical habitatmarwell zoo giraffe houseThere were zebras and meerkats and Oryx and buffalo and an endangered snow leopard and poisonous frogs and fish and plants in a hothouse and snakes and lizards and giraffes and penguins and flamingos and foxes and marsupials and an ant colony.
I tried to get videos of the meerkats but they move too quickly. At lunchtime all my food had re-cooked in the bag so it wasn't very nice.
meon school year 4 trip to marwell zoo hampshireIn the shop I got a polished slice of geode and a squashed penny: but then in a heroic feat of selfless spending, I bought a Souvenir Penny Booklet (£5) which cleaned me out, but at least my squashed penny will have somewhere to live.
The bus trip back was extremely hot so I scooted home shirtless and hid in the lounge away from the sun. I needed pink medicine for my poor tired feet and was unchuffed to hear it was gymnastics day. But then I loved it anyway.

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