Friday, 5 June 2015


man on bicyle crashes into kerb falls offGreat start to the day, Jof was distracted so I managed to convince her I couldn't go swimming because my bandage would get wet, despite having had 2 showers and 2 new bandages since my broken finger. But a broken finger still counts as a swimming sicknote.
After work I therefore had a lot of free time and Minecrafted on the Kill 'em All server. I don't have a very good kill-to-death ratio but who cares when you've got a death ray and a light sabre that you throw and retrieve like a boomerang. Benign Imperial stormtroopers wander aimlessly and some bloke called Patchwork killed me 4 times in a row!
terminator self repair eye adjuster Bud decided we had no excuse not to paint the Teddy house (named after Jof's Dad) so we wandered round with an adjustable spanner. We'll need it to remove radiators during the painting process but for me it was an Electro-Shock Stick, a cross between the Stargate Rod of Anguish, the Electric Shock Sticks from Demolition Man and the Trekkie Ferengi Energy Whip.
While he painted, I screamingly performed Battle of the Parallel Universes downstairs, you could just imagine those neighbours sitting next door wondering whether to call the Police ...

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