Friday, 12 June 2015

The Naked Rambler: Baptism of Fire

overturned car skidding on roofAt last! I have been waiting for a Scout camp for 2 years, having had to miss the last one due to badly placed holidays. 2 years ago, I was a Beaver Scout and only got one night, this time I'm older so get 2.
metal cauldron for scout camp cookingLast night I put on my giant rucksack (a freebie from Bud's work) to see how well it fitted, and it's got 78 pockets and 2 straps across the front and if you looked closely you could see 2 sacks because I was naked at the time, and Jof laughed because the Naked Rambler himself appeared (naked) in court again this week appealing against his conviction for naked rambling.
thunderstorms predicted for southern england bbc weatherSo here I am reconstructing the event but with extra clothes. Every last pocket was filled and I could hardly stand up. I set off some upgrades in Klash-of-Klans knowing I wouldn't be able to visit my cyber-village for 2 days, pigged out on scampi and said goodbye to a tearful Jof.
The WeatherGuessers have been predicting a severely stormy end to the warm weather and altering their "Best Guesses" every forecast, and this screenshot was the latest attempt this afternoon. It didn't look good, with big spludges of nastiness right on top of me.
portsmouth 5th scout group summer campWe sped along the motorway noticing that the eastbound carriageway was totally blocked, and made it to the camp 25 minutes before we were invited, but that was OK as we had to deliver even more wood. The Camp Leader was very pleased with the vast golden brick of goodness we'd delivered yesterday so we added to it as only true pyromaniacs can.
The new toilet tents and the new gazebo were being put up in advance of the expected monsoon (with added godly wrath and lightning) so at 2 minutes past 6, I was officially handed over to the care of the Worldwide Scouting Movement and he drove home over the hill to avoid dreaded traffic jams on the motorway. I volunteered and was put to work erecting tents, for scouting is all about teamwork and doing your best.
What are my parents going to do without me for 2 days? How will they cope with the silence, undisturbed sleep and lack of proffered insights?

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