Friday, 19 June 2015


man falls on his face funny faceplant alpine gamesToday was an epic day, mathematically. I got 141/144 on my times-table test, my best ever. But Bud said almost good enough and still not as good as Ben, then, what a downer.
Stanley gave me the name of a newer, better Klan to join (I have to join a new Klan at least once a day) and I rushed home only to be told that I had no access to any screen whatsoever due to lying last night.
flipping rcd switch to turn ground floor lights ring back onHe'd asked me had I done my teeth and I said yes, but the bone-dry toothbrush said no, so the divine hand of retribution lightly caressed my buttocks by way of banning me from KlansKlash, Minecraft, X-box, Minecraft videos and the TV. It's not like it was anything important, I hear politicians lie all the time.
Jof gave us a job which was to analyse and fix the error stopping the ground floor lights working in the Renty house. I climbed the ladder, opened the fuse cupboard door, flipped the RCD and hey bleedin' presto, all the lights came on again and I was finished after about 12 seconds including getting the ladder from upstairs. All I had to do was to collect my £65 callout fee and I was outta there ...

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