Monday, 29 June 2015

Small Man Syndrome

chinese japanese translation fail engrish funny signAs of a few days ago, the council have started digging up the entire road network outside my house. Having stood around with clipboards and drawn patterns all over the pavements for miles in each direction, they have finally sent in the Polish workmen to do the actual work.
catching a yellow footballThe bit I liked was when we got home today and they'd left a note through the door saying "As we previously told you ...". No, they didn't. But they were kind enough to say that the 6 weeks of digging, shunting and drilling (to replace the traffic lights) would only include 5 night shifts.
So today I am 9 1/2 which means measuring day. I was specifically promised that this time I'd break through the legal minimum height meaning I could ditch the child car seat. Sadly I grew only 2 mm this quarter-year so I must sit atop the plastic charabanc throne for another 3 months. It's not fair, all my mates are interfering with the ceiling fan.
Because it was such a nice day (and partially to escape the roadworks) we did 30 minutes in the park, extended when Owen T. Destroyer turned up and we played ball-tag until I banged my bonce evading a ball.
I'd only been on Klash Of Inappropriate Komedy for an hour or 2 when it was Cub Scouts time. I complained that I hadn't had my chocolate and stated that I wanted to give up Scouts as it was boring. For some reason this did not work and they thought it was because I was taken off the tablet, like when I said I wanted to give up gymnastics last week. I sulked all the way there on the bike, to the Rabbit Stones where Ben and the JBs and I used to eat fish and chips.
5th portsmouth scouts on milton common reclaimed land
Anyway, Scouts was excellent, we hunted bugs and plants and played batbatbat mothmothmoth where 3 blindfolded bats chase walking moths who have to echo when you say bat and you have to tag them. I tagged "Fridge" Fraser because I could hear him walking through the grass. The guest teacher was actually a real biology teacher and he gave us pencils from his college.
We played hunt the cleverly-concealed bits of wool of various colours (to demonstrate camouflage) and I was the winner with 14 bits but my group came last because everyone else was pants.

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