Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"Shiver me Timbres" said the Philatelical Pirate

newly painted park furniturecaution hot coffee avoid pouring on crotch funny warningBrought home the proof for the class photo today. You don't get the traditional formulaic whole-school-on-trestle-tables event any more, this modern lark is all tomfoolery, arms round each other and mini-groups lounging in a variety of easy-going poses.
I also brought home a Ben and we watched some New Simpsons before heading off to the park.
yew tree bay tree milton park portsmouthNo JBs today, but many known faces were there and we played a bit of ball tag but football attracted Ben away from us so LittleMax and I went to the climbing tree and when he had to go, Ben swapped with him.
We spied on the road and the football players and bombed them with our blind bombs and smoke bombs and laser eyes and AK47s for when you absolutely have to kill everyone in the park. It is the way of things. I used the 3-point laser-sighting from Predator to paint targets on the dog-walkers and Ben cleared the plain in 20 minutes with his Gatling (King Solomon's Mines). Thus the little leaks between realities and different universes begin ...

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