Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Wichita Lineman Required

car driven down stairs woman driver funny failAll day the wind howled and roared down the chimneys and made the telephone wires hum and hoot, perhaps mourning the death of a Wichita Lineman.
At school we did Rudyard Kipling poems about how the giraffe got its shell etc and we had to make up our own. The winner was how the cabbage-eating snail got a bigger shell.
In Klash of Klans I arrived at the new Klan everyone was going on about yesterday to find that they'd all abandoned it leaving only one Klansman suddenly worried about porous borders. I went back to my original Klan like the fickle fly-by-night I really am.
In gymnastics I went so pink with exertion I had to rehydrate 3 times during the lesson, and I still can't do reverso-hand flips with triple salco.
Recently at school we did a game where you get several facts about a creature of some sort and you have to guess it. So we tried this at supper and it's difficult to pitch your critter at the level of the opposition. My 'warm-blooded creature with thick skin (of various colours) for warmth that eats fish' was of course a CAT. For the 'bad news cold-blooded flying creature from hot countries that sometimes has warm blood and is deadly to humans' I guessed pigeon and Jof went for vampire bat but it was the mosquito. We didn't know about sea otters either.

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