Thursday, 18 June 2015

See a Penny

girl with long hair and sad pussyAt school today we had to write a new Rudyard Kipling 'How So' story about an animal of our choice, and how it got its special power. I chose the leopard and how it got its speed, not from a shifty chap on the street corner.
My leopard was slow and had races against a tortoise for exercise. Then one day the rainforest volcano went off and he was so scared he ran for his life and got his speed but the tortoise got fried.
Anyway, Thursday is a day off for me so I had planned to join a new Klan because that's what I do every day, fickle whatsisname.
But really it's because I couldn't find Sam's one because about a million Klans are called the Invulnerables or the Unacceptables or the Unstoppables and with the inventive spelling of a 9 year-old in a state school, you've just got no chance. And I didn't qualify to join Ben's Klan due to insufficient trophies.
found a ten pound note in the streetBut to justify our own existence we had to do some more painting in the Renty house because there are some people who want to rent it already and we haven't even cleaned the carpets. I Minecrafted while he did an hour slapping on "Light Drizzle" or "Manchester Morning" paint in Bed 3 and then Jof got home and said look what I found in the street when I was cycling home from work, a bit of litter cluttering up the place so I tidied it into my handbag.
And we saw that it was good. And due to the "See a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck" rumour, we thought we'd better cover our bases so we got a lottery ticket each, mine designed around Minecraft numbers and his around brass shell cases.

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