Monday, 11 April 2016

Warning. Trousers can go Down as well as Up

terminators dvd unlicensed productWell, that was an unpleasant shock. After 2 weeks of getting up at tennish and only possibly getting dressed before lunch, it was back to a 7am alarm and mandatory clothing. But thereby hangs a tale.
In the rush, I put on my school trousers only to discover that they had shrunk over the holidays. The same thing had happened to the next 2 pairs so in the end I was lucky that pair #4 were unaffected by the bizarre paranormal shrinking disease, or trouser-obsessed poltergeist, I shall call him the Trousergeist, or the Pantergeist, for my American readers. Or Colin.
naughty school trousersI am told that ladies sometimes have this unexpected trouser reduction syndrome, possibly during the early stages of pregnancy. I only had my first proper cinema-date with Sydney last Friday so I doubt that I am already pregnant.
So anyway, I had a double lesson in Religion ('Imagine you are a christian and the government bans christianity. How would you feel?') and spelling tests. We saw an epic film called the Swiss Family Robinson although the name doesn't sound Swiss. They had a holiday in Papua New Guinea and got shipwrecked and had to blow pirates up with gunpowder salvaged from the dead ship.
On the way home we bought extra trousers and I decided on my new swimming club and my acting summer school and the man came to collect the trailer and it was Scouts. I got miffed at their disobedience and lively spirits and am very tired.

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