Friday, 22 April 2016

The Worm that Burned

asian kid funny failHooray for Friday! Not only do we have seeds sprouting and tadpoles tiddling, we now have worms turning. The teacher brought in some tadpoles and we're all watching them develop their little legs unevenly and moving uncertainly around the tank.
finding coins on the street
The one that was moving a little less certainly than the others turned out to be dead but many others are still alive. We also made little worm-ariums which makes us little vermiculturalists or vermicultivators or Lumbrophiles or perhaps just worm farmers. I'm in a team of 3 Annelid-fanciers and my worm was the biggest, but I'm told it isn't size that matters. We put some scrunched-up dead leaves on top for humus, not hummus, because that would have been whiffy.
On the way home I found a £2 coin on the pavement which tips my all-time score (of money found on the pavement) over the £1500 mark, now tell me your life is better than mine. Some people laugh at some of the stuff I do but deep down I'll always be happy because I see a world full of joy: and you won't be, because nothing is ever good enough for you. But I'm not bitter. I don't even like beer.

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