Sunday, 24 April 2016

1642 all over again

So today was going to be empty but then Sydney invited me to Little Woodham Living History Village, a place where it's always 1642.
It's in Gosport right next to the army training ground where we went metal-detecting for bullets and we drove there in the sun.
It was full of history being re-enacted and we spoke to the weavers and the loomers and the carriage maker and the potter and the sawyer and the quillmaker and lots of wenches and possibly a bawdy-house. We learned huge amounts about weaving and carding and how to hold an axe safely.
If we'd worn tattier clothing we could have had a go on the potter's wheel, maybe next time. We had a picnic by the bluebell wood and once we'd got back home we played on our Minecraft world again.
I make many demands and one of them was to have a family swim in the pool where I have spent so much time. So we all bagged up, and the man said no, there's a synchronised swimming disco practice going on so you'll have to come back in half an hour. So we did that, and swam and dived and I met Curly-Headed Sam from my old school and I showed off my diving prowess.

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