Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Memory Deleted

old timers disease memory lossAn epic day again. Because Jof was cycling to work for Earth Day or similar, I got dropped off only half-way to school and walked the rest of the way on my own and used my new phone to contact the mother ship with news of my safe arrival.
So straight away I felt better, although you do have to relinquish phones and other devices to the reception ladies once you get there. I didn't tell them about the bug in my skull.
park view through treesIn Literacy we practised our poetry recitals and I was concentrating so much on the script I forgot to gesticulate and emote. In the afternoon we went to the park to identify and measure trees. OK, we had a chart for identification.
We weren't allowed to cut down any trees to count rings so we had to measure the circumference of the trunk and read the approximate age off a species-specific graph, and for the height we measured line-of-sight against a stick, put the stick horizontally and had a colleague walk away from the tree until he was a stick's length away - height measured!
rope climbing frameI announced that I wanted to take my phone to the park. He suggested that might be a risky idea for an uninsured contract-based phone with breakable parts that could easily be lost or stolen. I may possibly have huffed at this, why am I not allowed to have fun etc. But by the time we got there, the huff was forgotten and we fought in the sun.
I did a tour of the outer margins to wipe my mind of the huff, he said try vodka next time and Child B said he'd seen a YouTube video of a Russian gentleman who chugged a whole vodka bottle and then used 2 toilets at once, one at either end. What fun!
In the end about 57 known faces were in the park with us. Supper was roast chicken that we didn't get on Sunday because Jof fell asleep and then I chose little-known comedy flick "The Terminator" for my pudding viewing, because I can.
Lance Henriksen (funny cop #2, as well as Bishop in Aliens) is signing autographs at the Bournemouth film festival this September, might get him for my collection. Also on the guest list - Carl Weathers (CIA agent in Predator, as well as the guy that beat Rocky up) and Kristanna Loken (Terminatrix in T3), looks like an Arnie full house.

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