Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fountains of Gain

unfortunate funny name combination loony wardOne week ago exactly, we had our Computing lesson and I wowed the teacher with my demonstrably competent rendition of "The Snail" by Matisse. This week we had to make a 3-D bedroom, in the same way as the estate agents make those 3-D adverts of the inside of your house, or how the hardware store says this is what your kitchen will look like once it's finished.
Child A made his bedroom 19 metres tall with enough stacked bunk beds to house 240 children, because he wasn't taking it seriously.
Child B made his into a normal-looking public school dormitory with several boys in their bunk beds looking at a chap in the middle, in front of whom a kneeling girl had been cunningly positioned to be an unmentionable abomination to those religious types, but certainly a spectacle for the boys. And I thought I got to watch all the movies above my age range, but that's something I'd never seen.
victorious festival funded work taking coins out of a fountainI made a sensible-looking room with all the furniture in the right place and the mirror on the wall, not on the ceiling like in that song about hotels. The teacher said I was really good and might be a boss at computers when I grow up.
The dentist said I had to brush my teeth more and eat the naughty sweeties less, but they're paid to say that, I bet he's fibbing.
In swimming I swam a length underwater twice in one lesson, and afterwards we looked at the fountain in front of the castle built by Henry the 8th I am I am. It is due to be replaced by an interactive one with water jets and stuff, so it was empty. I wandered around in it and picked up a couple of dirty pennies before they were demolished too.

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