Thursday, 14 April 2016

All Change: A new kind of Swimming

engrish product name fail funnyIt was all-change at school today, I might never get used to it. Normally we have ICT, French and then PE but this time they scheduled French first! We are all suffering post-traumatic stupidity disorder and 3 had to go to the sanatorium with sphincter palpitations, honest. But the world is a noodle-bowl of chaos and I will scoop out all the goodness.
At last, our car ownership documents came through from the government, only 32 days after applying for them. Normally, this sort of glacially dull thing would pass me by with an interest level of Nope, but this means we can now apply to have our special numberplate (hand-carved from an original stone tablet found halfway up Mount Sinai) assigned to it.
Following discussions of childhood obesity and the addictive nature of computer games, on the BBC and stuff, I have been given a daily limit of 1 hour on the screens of my youth, ie Minecraft and Dragon-death etc. So I used it all up in one go before swimming.
dvla v5c document
This is the new, bigger swimming which is twice a week and you don't have to wear a brightly coloured hat to tell everyone how good you are. The tall bearded tutor (who looks suspiciously like the other tall, bearded tutor but isn't) said I did really well but I have to buy some kit. You always have to buy some kit. Every new activity involves the official T-shirt or your own lifejacket or stage make-up or to be driven 75 miles a week, or in this case, floats and flippers and a bag.
On the way home I started a massive argument about wanting more Minecraft time and locked myself in my room but in the end I just tidied my pencil case and got rid of 3 pairs of scissors, 3 sellotapes, 3 pencil sharpeners and a paintbrush. At chocolate time I wondered, if you eat something and nobody sees you, does it contain any calories?

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