Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Incredible Cake

you had one job funny failSo we have a poem-reading competition at work. You can choose any number of people in your team up to 4 so naturally I chose a team size of 1, and I still remembered more of my longer poem ("The Incredible Cake") than the team with 4 members and 12 lines to recite between them.
I just need to make it through the group stages.
fraky doll tedy bearsThen I got 11/10 on a maths test. This may seem like a dubious statement (as in "This statement is not true") but there was a bonus point available on the last question, much like where you can get 101/100 on shooting if you put all your rounds through the central dotted hole.
Then we had the school jumble sale. This was perhaps not as well advertised as other events so the giant piles of bric-a-brac and DVDs and dollies and sweeties went relatively unmolested. Jof is a helper so I went in to say hello and she was on Dollies and Board Games so I helped by selling a large number of both.
boy helping mum sell goodsclub swimming kit float flippers bagYou know how sometimes you look at a dolly and just want to burn it or stab it or otherwise destroy it in the fires of infernal damnation? Well, there were a couple of good ones today. But instead of dismembering them, I sold them. The customer will just have to napalm them for me.
Using my primary budget of £2 (still more than the defence budget for Andorra) I went to the sweet stall and bought 10 Strawberry Whips, 3 Cola Whips and 70 Cola Bottles. Yes. I made one of my classmates stand there and issue 70 Cola Bottles from stores at a penny a go. I look forward to many inappropriate sugar rushes.
I took my new swim kit to advanced-level swimming and it was fun, although I didn't get to use the kit. If I ever need it, it'll be ready for me.

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