Sunday, 10 April 2016


dual mode minecraftDeep down we all knew it was the last day of the holidays. Therefore we all sat around waiting for the other guy to move first, not wanting to take the blame. So I didn't get dressed until 2 something (there is nothing wrong with naked Minecraft) and by the time we'd looked up Havant leisure centre opening times, it had closed, and so had the Pyramids. So, checkmated into doing nothing by our own crapness, I played Jof at Minecraft and kept killing her by dropping lava on her. At suppertime we randomly dropped into a film called Jurassic World in which drippy woman didn't want to kiss Bear Grylls and everybody kept crashing and letting out even more dinosaurs and dying in droves. Gosh, how we laughed when Mosasaur came up and grabbed Genetically-modified-osaurus and now I want to see Jurassic Park.

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