Tuesday, 12 April 2016

All Change: Last Gymnastics

funny kid sucks socks I felt much better today having actually got enough sleep. The Year 3 kiddies have 'Paddington Bear' as their topic so they performed a series of traditional native Peruvian dances for the delectation of the school. They leapt. They jumped. They went "Hah!" in unison but we couldn't hear them because the music was so loud.
self assembly flat packed furniture failThen we had a demonstration film of our previous entry into the inter-school street dance competition in which senior dancers leapt and bounced and flipped and then we all had a taster session and because I am a current gymnast, they made me do headstands and handstands which made my head go whoosh.
Funnily enough, due to scheduling clashes, it is my last gymnastics session tonight, so I could have kept quiet and got away with it.
At home, my gamer's chair had arrived. I helped inasmuch as I briefly posed for this photo. In the same way as other well-known European suppliers of flat-packed self-assembly furniture, the Songmics LYY10 comes with instructions in a variety of languages similar to your own. During the assembly process you make and un-make the product numerous times, putting it together upside down, back to front and eventually, correctly, although the adjustable footrest has only one position.
By the time you're finished, you are at one with the item of furniture, you know its personality intimately and you really need a sit-down, lucky it's a chair. The manufacturers know this, witness the first stanza of the instruction leaflet -
portsmouth gymnastics centre t shirtalexandra park mountbatten centre portsmouth"When assemble the chair, please insert all screws into the initial positions and then fully tighten them one by one. Otherwise, the situation that the screws do not correspond with the holes may occur".
We got to my last gymnastics lesson early enough to spend some time in the adjacent park, in the sun. I demonstrated my soon-to-become-redundant skills and then rolled down the bank by the giant swimming pool, you're never too old to roll down a hill, until you're 46 apparently.
Whenever anyone leaves Gymnastics you get a handshake from everyone but the teachers forgot and I didn't mind and we sped off into the night and I sat in my new gamer's chair and read a book, because I'd already had all my screen time allocation. It's quite a big chair.

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