Monday, 18 April 2016

Latex against the Skin

engrish cartoon translation funny failI had the most epic science lesson today. We had to dissect a dandelion flower, isolate and label all the sexual organs. I got some pollen on my finger and wiped my face by accident and sneezed, like, 6 times in a row.
My dissecting partner does survival with the army and he said that one of his mates chopped his own arm open with a machete during a jungle-clearing exercise and while they gave him kid's paracetamol and vodka for the pain, they also wiped the latex sap of 16 dandelions all up his wound because it stops the bleeding. So I wiped dandelion latex into the scratches on my legs to heal them.
binbag of bottles and rubbish from bushes in front gardenThen we played golf because there's an inter-school competition coming up and a nice lady from the club that's won gold medals came to give us some tuition and the chance to wave our golf bats around a bit.
Next year we all have to decide which school to go to. Thus, I brought home the handout where it said we are holding a Taster Day for Year 5 girls, we would like to invite your daughter to join us. I'm really not sure if I want to spend a whole day tasting Year 5 girls so I am sternly instructed to bring home the right handout tomorrow.
At home we cleared the front garden a bit. I found 2 bottles of cider, some beercans, some random plastic bags of which not all were empty, 100 million woodlice and Dilly, who waved to me from across the street. It's never going to win any prizes but it's all a bit tidier.
I changed my Minecraft skin to "Fire Dude" and tried out the new swimming equipment that arrived today. I have some bright orange rubber flippers and they felt strange and I had to walk like a wet cat (not an Egyptian) so as not to fall over my own feet.

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