Sunday, 17 April 2016

Eye Spy: an Oddly Specific Roadsign

specsavers kids eye test portsmouth commercial roadNobody wanted to get up today. But eventually they joined me downstairs and I was on a Minecraft mission to spend the whole day in BlockWorld.
road sign on fratton bridge portsmouthI didn't quite manage it because I had an eye test. Taking the tablet for those little moments in between reading out strings of letters, the EnderCreatures never quite left my side. Doing everything the Optician told me, she said my eyes had actually got better since last year, a nice trick if you can do it.
I sat in on Bud's eye test to see someone else getting it wrong and the Optician said he used to be in the 8th Scout Group. We walked home because that was the choice - cycle both ways or get dropped off and walk home - and I explained all about the new Minecraft update with exploding swords and the HardCore version where all the mods have double HP and you can't train a dog, well you can, but it dies immediately, which is a waste of skeleton legs.
That took us past the oddly specific road sign that Sydney and I saw yesterday. I don't know why we should be warned about shimmying cars for exactly 1277 yards, it doesn't seem to match up with any sensible distance like 2/3 of a mile or anything.
Anyway, I bought lots of vitamin juices in LIDL and settled down to Minecraft for the rest of the day in one form or other.

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