Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Farting Hippopotami - on the Radio!

Today Jof had organized me a date with Elizabeth. On New Years' Eve Beth got me interested in the Dragon Attack game and we wanted to compare dragons and eggs and lairs and carbonized knights-in-armour and so forth. There's nothing between us, honest, just 6 years of history. Jof took me to MacDougalls for breakfast, a non sequitur I know, but that's just how we are.
So that's how the playdate started but with 2 tablets and 2 phones available, we devised a radio show. I played the role of Presenter and questionmaster, Beth played the role of Contestant, and we played the 'sing the next line' game, while filming it. Gradually our technical expertise and script complexity improved and we had sound effects for the loser (waa waaa music) and one for the winner (kerching) because the prize was a million pounds and we had to discuss, on air, how the lucky winner would spend her loot.
I learned how to fade out the background and theme music and employ extra sound envelopes and effects and in an unexpected move, Beth played the role of Jenny, the less talented second contestant.
That's when we found the Youtube video of the hippopotamus in the zoo farting like a chainsaw. From then on, we didn't really need anything else and when Bud came to collect me we both put the video on our phones and shook our tushes of varying sizes at him while blasting him with stereo zoological flatulence.
At home I was just settling down to the usual afternoon of lazing when Jof threatened to throw my Pokémon cards away. It was just a ruse to get me to tidy my room and in the end, it was a 3-person winds of change (Scorpions-related farting joke - geddit?) and my vast room was totally transformed, and the X-Box set up and functioning with Minecraft on Nanna's old TV! OK, so I haven't got a poster of Sam Fox or that tennis bird scratching her bum, but I am MOVING ON.

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