Friday, 29 April 2016

Face of Nails

happy idiot hound dog School. Well, it doesn't matter half as much as the rest of my time. This time I got to take Ben home which has been one of my special bonuses these last 6 years.
We spoke about rugby matches and football matches and the differences between the crowds, one drinks lager and fights everyone, and the other drinks real beer and gets on just fine thank you.
At home we sorted through the Pokémon cards (I have given up Pokémon but still hark back to days past) and he determined that my collection of X-Masters and Q-Shinies and Evolved-sets and Level-7-Awesomes might be worth £80. Of course, if the customer was particularly rich and stupid and drunk, that might be true.
science museum nails sculpture
science museum kensington londonThen we Minecrafted and got some sweeties from the cupboard and had a resultant sugar rush and ran around fighting alien invaders with the Nerf Guns and this was just practice for the laser-soldiery on Monday, honest.
Then he discovered the nails-in-a-matrix device I bought from the Science Museum and that kept us going for ages as we measured the naily topography of our faces, shoes and other parts of our bodies (photos not available) and it is these little things that us chaps like.
In the evening we saw Star Wars 7 with Kylo Ren and the temporary return of Solo the actual star and the brief return of Luke the past and future star.

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