Wednesday, 13 April 2016

First Park of the Season: Metal AF

beach house carryout steamed crabs
In school 4 of us got full marks on the maths test so we were set an additional project while all the others got to do colouring-in.
We were given a word-statement such as "Two + Two = Four" and then we had to assume that, let's say, the o at the end of Two represents a number, and that the r at the end of Four was another number. So if o + o = r, or T + T = F, find all numbers for which checksum = True. As a team, we were quite good, and it made me feel good to be part of the top table. Algebra and quadratic equations, here we come!
Anyway, we had lunch outside in the sun and it was still sunny at hometime so Park Wednesday was ON. No more the endless (and enjoyable) roundelay of 'whose house are we destroying this week?', this was back to playing in the sun and getting all that Vitamin D we've been learning about this week. In fact I did a poster about Vitamin C deficiency with a bloke with a ruddy face, sodding hair and a bloody mouth.
The park was busy. We did some Giant-Tennis-Ball-Tag but a parent complained that we'd hit a girl on the head.
milton park schoolkids after school session
She was quite big enough to take it like a man but we had to stop and take it outside so we kicked balls over the barn roof and footballed and chased and ate Jaffa cakes and we ended up doing the same thing that we used to do about 5 years ago, Red Bench Shuffle. You queue up on the red bench and when you get to the front you announce what kind of jump you're attempting such as double back flip 360° with half-pike and sturgeon, and then you leap into the infinite void while Owen tries to kill you with the ball. I went home after an hour and a half having met LittleMax, Zak, Ewan from my acting lessons, Poppy who has broken her leg AGAIN, 2 different Emilies and a host of others. I could have stayed on, but Minecraft and Dragon Attack both have special offers on at the moment, you know the way it is.

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