Friday, 15 April 2016

All Change: The Last Purple Hat Brigade

drugged stupid cat fails funnyOne of my schoolfriends had all his Pokémon cards nicked from his classroom tray so I gave him some consolation cards. I mean, they were only duplicate crap ones, but it's the thought that counts.
We watched an art film about some kid trying repeatedly to draw a decent butterfly such as a migrating Monarch, and doing badly but improving with every re-try. I chose to do a monkey and the body was good but the head was way too large.
throbbing purple helmet boyDue to temporal compression, I had an hour and a half of my hour-a-day's computer time before swimming. This particular swimming is the one with the coloured hats. You start on Red Hat and I have diligently moved up to Purple Hat which is one away from the top rung, and I was inches away from becoming Silver Hat anyway.
But I've been picked up by the Network ie the proper actual swimming club so these Hat lessons are no longer required. I shall miss them, and the gallon of pool water I often consume.
To mark the demise of Hatted Swimming, I donned my Purple Helmet one last time and discovered that if you put it right over your nose, you can breathe out through your somewhat squashed nostrils and partially inflate the hat. In fact, if you breathe in and out, you can make it throb which was very funny indeed, well at least he laughed a lot. In order to gain further computer time, I had to do some homework. It was a price I was willing to pay. Hooray for the weekend!

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