Monday, 4 April 2016

The Fields of L'Infantilisme

kids trapped in cat transportation cageToday at last I had Jof to myself and proceeded to bend her to my titanium will (lighter but stronger than iron). So of course the first part of the day was spent jabbing tablet screens with increasingly blunt-ended fingers and then we drove west to slide the slide of Romsey Rapids. This old favourite has been a regular for me with previous visits with Bud, Jof, Grandad, Poppy, and all the boys.
Today it was as if the school holidays were on or something. It was heaving and we had to do the thing where your wristband only lasts so long and the changing rooms were wet but I still got an hour and a half in the pool.
Upon my return there was a message from Sydney who said she now felt brave enough to tackle the tower of Portchester Castle with me, having ascended the Solent Wheel with me last week. I guess she must know I'm a champion Castler, stick with me, kids, and I'll show you all the best keeps, moats and portcullises.
Watched the last Back To The Future. Very funny, lots of nuances I missed.

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