Thursday, 7 April 2016

April brings the Sweet Spring Showers, on and on for Hours and Hours

uncanny valley robotics failureToday was an inbetween day where all we had left were our socks from yesterday, wasn't that something to do with the Bangles? Anyway, appointments and tasks were few and far between so the sofa was well used, rain is my excuse, and we finally made it into town to buy shoes and Pokémon cards.
In Extra-Swimming it all looked wrong. The half of the pool normally reserved for those boring people that plough up and down and try to do 100 lengths was full of kids getting a 'Beginner's Crash Course', a Meet-The-Water occasion that meant we just had to mess around and practise diving and underwater gymnastics, never a bad thing. When the aspiring sinkers finally left and the lesson started properly I was promoted to the proper actual swimming club with chances to compete for silverware, set up direct debits, and pay annual fees! So here is a gently sloping local beach at very low tide to celebrate.
eastney beach towards south parade pier southsea
Then Jof bought me a gamer's chair online. It's not quite the full-surround thing out of the space shuttle with the 5 keyboards and the drinks holder and built-in catheter but it is red. I celebrated by playing my new X-box driving game. I am not quite world champion yet, though, I couldn't change gear so screamed around the track at 47 mph in first gear getting lapped by the others and hitting bins and Tower Bridges (not Jeff's brother) and other obstacles, for a while there I went backwards.

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