Thursday, 21 April 2016

Dear Old Queen: Poetic Injustice

cessna light aircraft attacked by arrowsWell, we have a very old Queen, 90 today. She is of course the only old Queen I've ever known apart from that nice old chap who did the directing at that theatre I visited.
Anyway, today was the first round of the poetry recital challenge. We all did our recitals in teams of 1-4 and then came the ranking. Normally, one would expect the teacher or Special Guest Judge (another teacher) to make a short but genial speech about how everyone's a winner and then choose the best 4 performers. But this time it was down to the popular vote amongst my peers, which means everyone votes for their favourite person, regardless of talent, ability or, indeed, the strength of their performance. Thus, Child A, who had promised me his vote, decided to vote instead for the team containing his girlfriend, even though they came last and were patently rubbish. I missed out on going through to the next round by 1 vote and will never forgive him: I have decided to give up Pokémon as a direct result of this betrayal.
We were offered another new after-school club - The Magic Club. Is this your card, sir? No, it's not.
In Mega-Swimming I used my flippers for the first time and they're epic. We had to swim as far as we could underwater and do front crawl to the end once we'd surfaced. I did my length upside down and looked up at the others as they swam along the surface.
school art project on google draworiginal signed matisse snailOne of them looked down at me looking up at her and was very surprised, as I pretended to be Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) cutting his way through bars at the beginning of True Lies. I was the only one to finish the whole length underwater.
Plus, we had to make our own version of the Henri Matisse masterpiece "The Snail". Mine was declared the winner. Can you guess which is the masterpiece and which is by Matisse?

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