Saturday, 30 April 2016

Excuse me while I kiss the Sky

groundlings theatre drama academy acting schoolSaturday is Acting Day and Syd emailed me to say she was making her own way there, I promptly forgot and got her "Create Account" screen ready and was miffed when she didn't turn up. I reckoned it was an ambiguous text, anyway, telling me she wouldn't be coming to my house.
woodchip safety layer park fun playIn acting we walked to Her Dear Old Majesty's Royal Naval Dockyard and acted in Boathouse 6 instead. Hey, any gig is work. Then I took her back to mine which is increasingly the norm, all my schoolfriends are jealous that I have an actual girlfriend not one of the made-up ones some of them have invented in retaliation.
We Minecrafted for ages and had sandwiches and Nerf gun fights and crisps and met her mum in the park. Taking it in turns to use the new-fangled ball-wanger, we tired Bella the dog out with our antics and did some swinging and were only scared away by a sudden rainstorm.
hungry horse beiderbecks eastern road portsmouthBecause Jof always has to cook (Bud is erratic in the kitchen) she decided to take us to the Hungry Horse pub thing up the Eastern Road, the one with the Pony Club soft play facility. It was busy, the possibility of extra clientele on a Saturday night escaping the management.
I got myself booked into the playzone which was lucky as we had to wait for well over an hour for the food on a table we cleared ourselves, not including the pile of pizza crusts on the floor below.
We finally managed to make the LED screen work and I took a snooker masterclass from my elders and worsers and I'm hoping for a Fu-Ding final. Bed 1047.

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