Saturday, 23 April 2016


Saturdays are days of big plans. But due to a self-inflicted beer-related head injury, one of our number didn't get up until 10 which meant that item #1 on the list (jumble sale at the church where I do Scouts) failed to happen.
But item #2 came along sharpish which was Sydney to get a lift to Acting. She had the choice of coming home with me afterwards or seeing her Uncle which happens only once in a blue moon and she chose wisely. In Acting we did our monologues about super-heroes and in 2 weeks time I will perform a poem hand-written just for me.
london underground duvet cover
She has taught me a new language called Lep. Basically, and this is the clever bit that has never been done anywhere in the world before, you translate any English word into Lep by removing the first letter of the word, sticking it on the end of the word, and adding Lep. So, for example, Bottom becomes Ottomblep, pronounced Ottom-Blep. I called her an Itchblep and she called me an Enisplep and it all went downhill from there, and I really do mean downhill, goodbye childhood. But we laughed all the way to the theatre and made everyone jump when we arrived with our raucous cackling. The fact that we both speak Lep makes us Lepers, or possibly Lepophones, but not lepidopterists.
Then we came back to mine and spent hours shooting each other with Nerf guns and playing double-ended Minecraft on the X-box. We have our own world with a big house, but separate beds at the moment. In the evening we finished the game of Risk with the inevitable victory by Bud and at more than one point I had trouble breathing because of laughing at my strange bantering parents.
I think our next house ought to have an airstrip because a Cessna is just the right stylish accessory for the debonair man-above-town.

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