Tuesday, 26 April 2016

It's Snow Joke

engrish fail corkscrew mislabelledWell, school was acceptable and I had nothing to report apart from having emailed my homework to the teacher. He gave me the advanced maths test in return, not sure if that was a good deal or not.
But because of having to go and get my phone from the office and go back to the classroom for the homework sheet and go back to the office again for the cake tin from the cake competition and being told to look upstairs in the Room Of Requirement (not kidding, it's full of all sorts of stuff), I was last out of school, practically.
And on the way home, it snowed on me. It had hailed earlier in the day, mostly it was rainy with outbursts of sun, but this was cold and white and soft and covered me in white splodges that melted. Plus, it thundered just to make sure, while the sun was out.
coffee cup deckchair southsea seafrontIn Advanced-Level Swimming I forgot my float/flippers kitbag and blamed it on stupid Bud by permission but the teacher said it was my fault. Now we have to tie the 2 bags together so we don't out-stupid ourselves.
This is the giant novelty deckchair by the coffee place we use for Beach Wednesday. It is not strictly relevant to anything at all but here is some blue sky. Just behind the chair, the Isle of Wight was getting a thunderstorm.
I complained that my afternoon snack was miniscule and that I was being cruelly starved on purpose. It is lucky that Jof went out and bought cakes.

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