Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Good Afternoon, Sir

american high school student girl hot pants hung upI have been working very hard towards a special goal recently and at last I have finally achieved my boyhood ambition, like a necrophiliac who rises through the ranks to become coroner. I have been getting up later and later and today I missed morning entirely and got up at 2 minutes past 12.
bransbury park milton portsmouthI wasn't allowed to stay in all day so we scooted down to Tunnel Park and my new, bigger scooter is quite hard work so we kept swapping scooters.
Scampi made a change from all that turkey and then we saw Star Wars #4 (New Hope) with the benefit of having seen the first 3 at last. We still don't know how the 2 Skywalker siblings will ever find out the truth about their relationship as so far, everyone that knew is dead.

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