Sunday, 13 December 2015

Practice Day

Soonish I will have a whole bunch of time off. Thus I treated today as practice for the upcoming holidays. 2 fried eggs gave me the energy to play Minecraft and I was hardly annoyed at all when they said we all had to go shopping. He did all the boring normal-shopping, we took a second trolley and filled it with chocolate, not kidding! OK, so there were some biscuits, and I'm sure that Jaffa Cakes qualify as a cake for tax reasons, but you get the drift. On the way up, we discussed how we were going to get dropped off at the Harvester pub for lunch, and walk back. But gradually we demoted this to "we'll drive there at some point", it all sounded far too much effort.
At Sainsbury's, our bags were packed by the 64th Scout group who I met at the Scouts Swimathon and I spoke to the resident SpokeScout and we compared badges. He seeme to have a lot but only one Year-of-Good-Service badge, also I suspect he has a professional seamstress in the family as his badges were aligned and horizontal, not random and drunk like mine.
b&m home stores farlington portsmouthNext to the supermarket is a new store and we thought we'd have a look. It's a Pile'em high, sell'em cheap outfit with a lot of normal things you see in any supermarket, but with the accent on Large. So, you don't just get a bumper pack of 12 packets of crisps, you get 60. This seemed to suit the customers, many of whom had bumper-pack waistlines. We loved the plus-size Xmas decorations of style and sophistication, such as the Santa-on-motorbike rope light set, the munching reindeers and flashing trees of many colours. But we bought kindling and logs for the fire and got stuck behind some expansive ladies arguing about the glitter on the unicorns on the Disney Frozen hair gel and bath set.
Back at home I basically alternated between TV and Minecraft, just laying down a few guidelines so the parents will know what I want to do this Xmas. Then Bud went off to the Scouts Xmas dinner (no pies for me, I notice) and I was still up when he got home at 1045.

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