Saturday, 12 December 2015

Landing an Epic 540

boys playing on carpetI started the day with a bacon sandwich. This is the latest thing I've inherited from Jof, and why not.
Acting was good, because I was in a good mood and was welcomed by Sidney the girl who likes me. Our group practised the panto which is Jack and the Beanstalk. I played the roles of Jack and the Giant, which was fine until I had to kill myself in the epic swordfight so Jasmine took over the role of Jack and I died a proper Giant's death with lots of thrashing around and threats of doom. We used the real swords and I nearly chopped some of the scenery.
Sourcing lunch from Tesco, we were quick to munch because I had a Ben. He turned up like a lost waif and showed me a new game on his phone where you control a skateboarder and you do jumps and turns (of 180, 360, 540 and upwards) and twists and score points in 3 minutes.
terrace bar pyramids centre southseaThen we played it in the car and I kept failing to land properly after a trick and crashing my avatar but then I beat his high score. The journey took us to the Pyramids where we splashed and attacked Bud and got thrown in the air and fought over the floating frogs and it was Wave Alert and we went into the corner and tried to drown in the waves but it was over all too soon.
To make ourselves feel better we had a snack which was a giant sausage meal deal with chips and we talked about Wieners and we went home to play Minecraft so a joyous day all round, really. As he was leaving we even managed to wrestle on the carpet, and it's better doing it on a soft surface, I can tell you.
For Saturday-Night-is-Film-Night Jof chose 'Back to the Future' which recently had its special anniversary and so she'd bought the box set. But it turned out to be the Blu-Ray box set so no good for us, and we watched 'Ratatouille' instead, in which an animated rat evades kitchen hygiene inspectors to become head chef of a Parisian restaurant.

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