Thursday, 3 December 2015

Counting Down to the Future

macdonalds is alien takeover invasion plan funny cartoonIt's definitely that time of year when you're counting down how many of things you've got left, such as 2 more Talent-Lane swims, 3 more normal swims, 2 more Scouts, 3 more gymnastics, 2 more actings, 4 more weeks being 9, and 2 more weeks at school.
Jof bought us some more new-fangled LED lights for the tree and I totally beasted everyone else in the relay in Extra-Swimming. It gets very dark very early nowadays so I come out of Super-Swimmers and ask if it's in fact midnight, but it never is.
fortune teller with crystal plasma ballAnyway, here I am busy reading your future using the all-seeing Plasma Globe of Forever. I see good news from a tall dark handsome stranger, a big cash windfall, a torrid affair with the seven or eight ladies that are right for you, and a lifetime of sandy beaches, global adulation and some really big mansions. I also see that none of these will happen to you because you're so boring.

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