Sunday, 20 December 2015

Wardrobe Malfunction

star wars disney official costume sith lordHooray for Sundays because I do pretty well nothing.
There was some eating, but without true direction as I had to be reminded to have lunch at 430. There was a lot of Minecraft, because it's the holidays. But the disaster came at high noon when I put on my Sith Dark Lord costume to impress Jof. It seems that Siths as a species, or perhaps it is just the Dark Lord subsection of their esteemed society, are malformed in some way and the costume was not adapted for my current corporeal form and I have to take it back and exchange it for a larger one.
It's a well-constructed costume with at least 6 components (and so you should hope for £36) and we deliberately chose the one for the right age and height, but it's only compatible with those nancy-boy slim Dark Lords, I guess they're just not formatted for a heavenly body of my stature and girth, I mean, I couldn't do the belt up and all the little Velcro bits at the back kept coming undone.
Faced with being too fat for my own costume (and I was honest and annoyed about it), I employed feminine logic and remained sofa-bound for the entire afternoon eating chocolate until my tummy hurt. Still, that's the Deathly Hallows Part 1 watched again.

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