Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Film Failures: Bugsy to Ho Malone

kids park port solent portsmouthSo today was a day with Jof as he had to work so we didn't get up on time and the car repair garage had to ring us and say are you bringing your car, then, for that MOT appointment you booked.
But then Ben rang to inform me that we were going to the cinema. This is always a hoot and I'm really good at hooting so our plans were set.
The JBs were part of the improved deal so we vamoosed en masse as only 4 boys can do.
kids bedroom plastic gun gamesThe cinema was in Port Solent this time (it's like the Tardis, and does not always occupy the same space-timeline) and the ticket machine wouldn't help us and even the humanoid ticket dispenser said you can't have 6 tickets in a row for the film "Snoopy" because we're sold out so we had to go and play in the little swingpark for an hour, because deep down we're all dogs and need to have our exercise.
So we all came back to my house which meant the lads could all try out Box 10 - see "Cardboard, Joy of Box" link on the right of the page.
kids drawing of pokemon cardBut because we hadn't factored in a luncheon slot, Jof made us emergency sausage rolls and mince pies and Jaffa cakes and blueberries and we reconfigured my bedroom to make a better army base and shot each other right through the house for a while and sat down for a film.
After only 20 minutes we had a not-quite-quorum on "Bug's Life" so we sat and watched quite a lot of it until we got the guns out again and took all the sofa cushions upstairs and had an epic pillowfight against direct instructions.
This meant we had to partially disrobe and expose a few peanuts but we're all good friends so why not (no footage available). They had to go home eventually (boo) so I cheered myself up with Capture-the-Minecraft-Flag and Bud went for a run in the dark and then went out to meet Dear Follower Martin at the pub because he's 46 today.
46 is not as important as 10, which I'll be next week.
In other news, I have invented my own Pokémon who is called Ognertonics. I've done his ID card like all the rest and you'll see he has a decent HP and attack damage, and a splendid attacking move called Teeth Wind, backed up by Curling Wings which offer considerable health benefits. Last night I watched Home Alone, tonight Bud didn't come home at all.

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