Thursday, 17 December 2015

Vileplume: A New Hope

recycled water used in toilet system failSo school was a busy and disorganized affair with lessons over-running or finishing early and we managed to watch the first bit of Star Wars (a new hope) but we haven't yet found out what the hope is.
I took in my 2 duplicate Pokémon cards and came away with 6, due to my negotiating prowess. But I also took in what turned out to be a really valuable card and swapped it for a rubbish one, because I freely admit I don't really know what I'm doing. Bud says I ought to only take in my duplicates for swapping purposes.
Jof had attached a battery-powered string of little green tree Xmas lights to my scooter and if you press the button they light up so on the way out I flashed at Mrs Pops, and she liked it.
hmv record store gunwharf portsmouthThursday is traditionally a day off but I took a sabbatical yesterday so we drove to the theatre (free parking) from where we walked through to Gunwharf in the rain to seek Pokémon cards. Mr Google says that HMV (formerly a record store, now a purveyor of T-shirts and comical mugs) sold Pokémon cards but the lady behind the desk said that's not been true for 15 years but would I like an alien mug and we left.
waterstones book shop commercial road portsmouthParking in the swimming pool car park (free parking), we walked through (in the driving rain) to a nerdy game shop where the Chief Nerd told us that 'Waterstones' the bookshop might have them, and that's where we struck lucky. I got 3 different packs.
Back at the pool car park, we had to wait until some teachers left because the security gate had shut on us and we couldn't get back to the car. I now have 4 duplicates to take in tomorrow, and a new hope of where to get more.

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