Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Random Wet Towel

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So in school today we had a very special visitor from the RNLI who told us all about the work of the Lifeboats and how to avoid needing one.
Next week we'll need sea safety because we'll be doing a coastal walk with investigations of geological features and tidal systems and the littoral zone, literally. Realistically, it'll just be the shingle beach but at least we can talk about the formation of Chesil Beach, sand bars and those piles of manky seaweed you get under the pier. I got house points for holding the doors open for the lifeboat man and also a Special Swot Award for reading because I've read so many books.
school topic make a boat out of any materials
Incidentally here are some of the entries into the boat-building competition. The rules state that we can use whatever materials we like and it is clear that in some cases, the starting materials were boats.
Jof had left us a long list of housework jobs which was to get the Xmas decorations out of the loft. We got 5 boxes and 4 bags of it down and hit the park for 40 minutes where we played the usual swing-kick ball and ball-tag in the dark. We found a wet towel on the slide and threw it at each other, as you do. One of my friends was absent due to being house-bound because he told his Mum to F*** off you old T******* when he wasn't allowed on the X-box. I fully understand this but it'll never happen to me because I've told the parents that if they ever try the s*** with the parental controls I'll f***ing s**** them in the l****s. Hopefully he'll be able to join me on Sunday.
Later, Jof made us put up the Xmas decorations and I stopped Minecrafting long enough to install tinsel and baubles on the tree (Tinstallation) and we have a plasma ball which is cool but it doesn't fit even in one of our six-inch artillery shells, so it'll have to wait for a 24-cm railway gun case (€600).

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