Sunday, 6 December 2015

3 Rooms

The day started quietly with lots of sleep. Jof was out last night and her naughty friends always make her drink the heroic drinks like the red sticky one, the blue one with an umbrella in it, and the green one that's on fire. So she wasn't interested until the idea of a bacon sandwich in bed crossed her tortured mind, and I thought that sounded so good I had one too.
minecraft on x-boxSo mostly we spent the day in 3 different rooms as I Minecrafted and she watched Property Auction in the Country and he shopped and went running. I did have one major request which was to get a Ben over to share my X-box and duly, my dreams came true and we remodelled the lounge to ratchet the Comfort Factor up to 10.
For true gamers, the physical body becomes an unnecessary encumbrance so I've seen gaming setups where the guy has welded airline seats into a giant frame so that he can lie down with all his screens in front of him and all the joysticks, keyboards and controllers right by his carefully placed hands. I think catheters are involved. So in the end the gamer becomes part of the game joined only by the fingers, just you wait until proper mind-reading headsets are available.
So we sat on our own dedicated sofa and blew things up with TNT and killed Ender-Wombats and mined Vibranium ores and made new worlds and destroyed them and it was epic until he had to go, always too soon. I was tired after all that action so we watched a Harry Potter.

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