Friday, 18 December 2015

The Magikarp Strikes Back

girl with hair on fire funnyI wish every school day was like this one. We watched the rest of Star Wars (New Hope) and even got part way through Star Wars (Empire Strikes).
I liked the Sith mega-ship because the normal star destroyer has a bay full of tyre fighters but the mega-ship with the two sticky-up bits at the front has a bay of tide-fighter-carriers so if you get close to it, like, 100 miles away, you'll get totally covered in tile fighters and you'll die lots.
There was so much free time I swapped out all of my duplicate Pokémon cards and also swapped lots of my collection for fewer cards! That's the way it works, right?
We had a Year-Group general knowledge quiz and we came second or fourth depending on how many chocolates I've had.
adult scooter with xmas decoration battery powered lightsAnyway, today was Wear-a-stupid-xmas-jumper day and the one Jof got for me fits fine, but it also fits quite a few other people in my class so we were like the 2 ladies at the races in My Fair Lady where we're embarrassed to have the same outfit. Mine didn't have the dangly flashing carrot above the Gentleman's area or the matching snowballs in the Ladies' area but it passed muster.
That is it for this term and not before time, now starts the long slog of sofa-time and chocolate biscuits. I celebrated by playing 3 different Minecraft server games and going to the final normal swimming lesson of the year in which we did relays and my team came first or third depending on how many yogurts I've had.
Jof was very tired after making a mistake at work (not often) and staying late to fix it so we snuggled seriously upon the sofa she bought specially and we miraculously found a channel showing Star Wars (I find your lack of Pants disturbing) and taxing heavily the Xmas chocolate supply.

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