Thursday, 10 December 2015

Global Thermonuclear War, Anybody?

9mm luger pistol ammunition online purchase failThis image is of a shipping box received by an American mother shopping online for her kid's present. She went to Walmart and ordered a toy foam Minecraft sword which personally I would have loved if I'd been into Minecraft a couple of years ago. It was duly delivered but there was a mix-up at the depot which happens to us all every now and then, they send the blue camera not the red one, too many raspberry plants or a Pavarotti DVD when you're sure you ordered the Terminator box set. But because this was America, you can get anything you want and Walmart sent her a bonus 500 rounds of 9 millimetre Luger pistol ammunition. Great for killing those naughty Ender-dragons, although it does mean he has to go out and buy the Luger, when all along he wanted a Beretta.
In school we played noughts-and-crosses in French against computers and however many times we played, we couldn't win against the silicon genius. You see, if you get a question wrong, you miss a go, the Chromebook never makes a mistake and you can't win Tic Tac Toe anyway, unless your opponent is a total Norbert. So the only way to win is not to play, which the teacher wouldn't accept. Then we sent e-cards and had a basketball competition.
Today was my last Extra-Swim lesson, and I shall actually miss it over the Xmas period. Once it resumes in January, I shall have 3 different lessons a week as the school is organising a course as well. Maybe I'll get to be teacher.

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