Monday, 7 December 2015

Very Lights and Fairy Tales

obese cat can't reach its own foodThus began the week in the Art Room. Normally I wouldn't mind but the room is quite cramped and it's on the first floor, so I had to climb the stairs, like, 10 times, which I find stressful.
But we discussed the RNLI and how in the olden days they used to signal ships in distress by shooting Very lights.
cub scout badge ceremony milton st james 5th portsmouth scoutsAnd we went to the same church where I do Scouting to talk to the vicar about the xmas story. Now we all know it's fairy tales but they're quite fun and it got us out of school so we talked about bad King Herod killing all the number one sons and the difference between Frankincense and Myrrh which is not much apart from where they used to cover up the smell of dead bodies at funerals with Myrrh.
At home I rushed through my homework which was to buy in a load of office furniture for Miss B. It was all quite sensible with the 3 drawer desk and the lamp, but we don't know why she wanted a framed picture of Timmy Mallett with his mallet (mallets aforethought).
rudolf reindeer smiley cakes school feteThe Scout leader is having a badge purge. This does not involve copious quantities of Senna pods but he was handing out badges left right and centre and I got my 1,2,3 and 4 year's good service badges all at once and if it was January I'd get Year 5 as well. Since Nanna died, Jof has been sewing on my badges but she has declared Poldarks to this, I'm not doing any more, so Bud has to, let's see how many are upside down or on the inside of the jumper.
Anyway, Jof made Rudolph the Reindeer cakes and sorted out the moneyboxes for the entire school fair tomorrow.

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