Saturday, 26 December 2015

God Bless This Tree

engrish funny merry christmas
Some kids at this time of the year get up at 0500 and noisily open presents and shout out 'Look Mummy what Santa hath brought me' etc and then the parents have to make the kid put on some socks and then you might as well get up. I, on the other hand, woke up today at 11. Next time I have this much time off, I might go to bed 2 hours later every day, see if I can work my way around the clock.
painted tree in st james mental hospital grounds portsmouthSo it was a big surprise when Jof said let's all do something together and a bike ride was chosen.
We did a big wandering wiggly loop around Tunnel Park and ended up by some allotments and discovered 3 new passageways between houses in a forgotten corner of Eastney and saw a squirrel in the Mad Hospital.
This is also where we saw a tree with nicer-than-average graffiti on it. Yellow Plum Park was full of kids but as soon as we got there they all left so we all climbed the twisty poles with varying degrees of success.
I elected to go home at this point but I sent a Scout to the seafront and he discovered that the winter storms have destroyed the sea wall again just in front of the Pyramids. At high tide it used the abundant large rocks to pull away the retaining metal fence and undermine the wall, some of the pavement has fallen in and you can see daylight through it!
Of course, the nice man from the council has put up fences but you can see where it's collapsed and this one'll take a time to fix.
global warming southsea promenade storm damageLater we watched another Star Wars (Attack of Clones) and Jof said it was too loud. It made a bit more sense than the first one but there were still many terrible accents and amusingly shaped life forms and one-liners from C3PO and gunfire. We were right about Emperor Palpitation and Anakin has a Terminator hand Where Count Doobrey cut it off.

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