Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Doing the Rounds

in-bus cctv camera footgae of traffic accidentAs is traditional at this time of year, one must visit or at least make contact with all members of one's family.
The remaining member lives not 40 minutes away so we got up at 9-ish and drove over to see him. Grandad doesn't care that he's 86, it's just a number. A former university lecturer, he likes giving me information so we took the globe so I could point to various countries and work out from first principles which way round the Earth rotates and what time it is in New Zealand when it's noon here and all that kind of stuff.
tuition using a rotating globeI have discovered a foolproof way of locating Africa, which is to find where it says "South Africa" at the bottom of one of the sticky-out bits of land and you're there!
Normally, we find a country pub in which to have lunch but this time we had a reason for going into Southampton. My new Dark Sith Lordy-Lord costume is very nice but all the Siths are thin due to evilling being so energy-intensive so my normal-sized body didn't fit into it. We parked in the free-for-2-hours space at the Majestic Wine Warehouse and walked to the Disney shop where the nice lady exchanged the costume for one sized for 11-12 years and I even managed to persuade Bud to buy me the Light Sabre, a must-have accessory for the Sith-about-town.
Filling my normal-sized belly on exactly the same pasta at exactly the same restaurant as 3 days ago, we dropped Grandad back at his mansion and I looked through the new Pokémon cards I managed to sneak-buy when the costume was being exchanged. I got a Tyranitar which is a mega-EX and I sang about it the whole way home.
Then Jof phoned to say don't buy a light sabre because she'd got one.

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