Friday, 4 December 2015

Tumbleturns and Double Teapots

mass of humanity swimming pool wavesToday we celebrated the release of 'Star Wars 19: The Undiscovered Post-Pre-Sequel' by having a quiz where we had to name Sci-Fi items from Asteroids to Zoidberg. I got 'O' for which I used "Obliterate" rather than Orion's Belt or anything else. But I still got through to the second round.
The Groundlings Theatre visited us today and did a Panto 'Cinderella' which was really funny and some of us screamed at just how ugly the sisters were, and one of them was Richard, my boss. I shall say hello tomorrow.
School will be different. Our classroom is being renovated next week with paint and builders and rotary saws and other dangerous implements so we have been banished to the Art Room for the duration of the civil engineering event.
arms crossed boy with christmas tree and plasma ballThis is very exciting for all of us so they have said there will be barricades to stop certain of us going in there and beheading ourselves on the rotary saw, the others are deemed capable of avoiding self-termination.
It's also good for me because I was able to say we didn't have a spelling test this week because of the shenanigans: last night Jof told me that if I didn't get 10/10 on the spelling test, I'd have no Minecraft for the whole weekend. So I have avoided that Damoclean sword unless one of my team-mates contradicts me.
Recently I lost my Scout jumper. This is no ordinary £10 jumper, it has every badge for which I have qualified sewn onto it with a range of skills depending on whether Nanna was alive when I won it. To have to replace it would be £10 for the new top, an unknown amount for replacement badges (assuming the Scout Leader has logged the ones to which I'm entitled) and a further tidy sum to the lady down the sewing shop on Marmion Road for competently attaching them all.
Thus when my teacher said when do I want to take home the Scouting memorabilia that I brought in for my show'n'tell about the Scout Swimathon, I was both dug out of a hole, and dropped right back in one, for I had categorically stated that I never took it to school. Being proved wrong is tedious.
In swimming I demonstrated my tumbleturns and can even do them on backstroke.

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