Friday, 11 December 2015

The Farce that Launched a Thousand Ships

dog barks at puppy failSo while the parents are still sending archaic legacy physical-format Xmas cards to the few relatives we have, my class was sending e-cards to each other. They are entirely without cost, far quicker, and leave a lasting feeling of warmth you'll be able to look back on forever. One of our teachers insists we have to believe in god - which is like insisting we believe we've got 3 legs - so for the Xmassy scene we had to include in our e-card, I typed in 'god isn't real' right at the bottom in a little font size and they took it and printed it anyway, just my little sabot in the machine.
Incidentally, I went back on Klash-of-Klans for the first time in ages and they've done an update - now you can get a Level 11 Town Hall! What a weapon!
meon junior school portsmouthSo today we were all supposed to have the coastal walk with erosion features investigation, and then see what floats our boats on Canoe Lake. But the weatherguessers predicted nastiness after cutting through the spleen of the holy sparrow so the teachers postponed it until next week.
We did however get some details of the school sleepover (don't we spend enough time there?) such as no electronica, and there'll be an epic hide'n'seek game throughout the whole school and we've all been thinking about hiding places and you can be sure there'll be a queue to get under the stage in the assembly hall, in the maths cupboard and under the gym mats in the sports kit room.
red chilli restaurant north street havant
Bud says go into the boiler room or out onto the roof but I don't think you're allowed.
Speaking of school, I snuck into my classroom which has had a refurb, doesn't look finished to me.
Bud had his works Xmas lunch at an Indian restaurant and came back a psychopathic curried man, but not before swiping all the little sweeties laid out on the tables just for me. The mini-candy canes are nice and each round sweet has a little reindeer in it! I don't mean it contains mechanically-recovered parts of real sustainably-farmed reindeer, it's an image, rather like within those old sticks of seaside rock with "Clacton Pier" written through it.
Anyway, I shone at normal swimming and played extra Minecraft and life is great if you are, too.

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