Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Three Men in a Bed

santa shat funny product name design failSo, quite a normal day at school in our temporary classroom while our regular venue is upgraded.
That was, until half of the class left. We sent a delegation of our brightest and best to the Inter-Academy Badminton Challenge Tournament (Southern Division) down at the sports centre by Johnny and Robert's school. I believe we may possibly have been the token Prole school as the others were private institutions or had Latin or religious names, and both in some cases.
Anyway, we came 5th or equal fourth in a field of five and our stalwart contenders got special joining-in medals. The JBs came second.
While they were away thwacking each others' shuttlecocks, the rest of us had a fun day in which we played Pac-Man Maths. You all stand up in the classroom and the teacher shouts out questions, if you get one right you tag (kill) opponents, and if you get it wrong or say "er" or otherwise fluff your lines, you're out.
boy sucking candy caneI was doing pretty well and killed James and I was the last man standing. Apart from OtherBen, who had camouflaged himself as a framed print on the wall by being quiet, and nobody had noticed him. So he terminated me and I came second.
Because it wasn't stormy I did half an hour in the park with the JBs and the others. I took my red and white minty candy cane and sucked it and if you push it in and out of your mouth it gradually dissolves and it goes all pointy and I said it was like sucking on a little boys' whatnot and it didn't matter because we were all boys together.
Then they invited me back home because it was dark and we all shot each other with an astonishing array of Nerf guns and then did a film for Youtube in which 3 of us woke up in the same bed and were happy to go to school and we didn't mind at all. I showered early so I could watch Masterchef.

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