Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Heave @ the Carwash

football soccer funny failToday is Christmas Eve, something I only found out at about 4pm. But it was just another day off so we motored east to meet Obscure Cousin Margaret.
It takes planning to achieve an hour-long carwash and that's what we did. The nice weatherguessers had predicted a wide stripe of rain with a central stripe of very heavy rain, moving east across the country, with nice weather behind. So we left the house at 1030 which was right in the heaviest spludgiest bit of rainstorm and kept pace with it as we drove, meaning that for the whole journey, the windscreen wipers were on super-frantic setting and the roads were covered in foot-deep puddles that made the wheel arches go scurf and chumf and trying to grab the steering wheel off Bud.
It isn't pleasant driving in low visibility conditions but I didn't mind as I was busy playing Klash-of-Klans on the tablet. We actually got there 7 minutes early which is probably because the rain washed the car which was then lighter after the loss of so much dirt.
union jack flag adverse weather conditionsLast time we met OC Margaret, we planned to eat lunch on Worthing Pier which is shaped like an ocean liner but they were closed for the duration so we battled our way back off the pier in gale force winds.
Worthing may be a colony for old people but they did have a shop selling Pokémon cards and I posted some of my school photos to Grandad because we forgot to take them yesterday and then we found "Poppins" and popped in there for lunch, which was standard café fare and quite large with it. At the multi-storey car park, the number plate recognition system refused to believe we existed so while Bud was at the security desk, Margaret and I watched a drunk man as he ran across the grassy knoll and tried to insert himself under our wheels.
Back at hers, OC Margaret gave us a paper shredder (deceased), as you do, and a bottle of wine from the estate of her dead friend who doesn't need it any more.
It seems he fell down the stairs, put his hand through a glass cupboard, and retired to bed where he bled to death and wasn't found for 2 months. He'd have an ideal new nickname 'Maggots' or Uncle Fester, but again, he doesn't need that either.
On the way home (bright sunshine) we nipped into Bud's work and picked up the first 6 Star Wars films on DVD, because if we're going to see #7, we have to know who the characters are. I must say that SW #1 was slightly contrived pants but by the end we could more or less work out who was doing what to whom and why.
Happy xmas to all and I'm already negotiating about how noisy I can be, how early, and where my stocking shall be well hung.

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