Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Puddle 2015

trolling funny cats with laser pen its a trapToday I got up with an 11 in it because, you know, things to do and places to go.
Of course the 'places to go' for me meant MinecraftWorld, but he insisted that I write thank-you letters to 3 people that gave me money this Xmas/birthday. Surely, I said, children have been tortured by this meaningless ritual for sufficient years, do I really have to. But I did, so I wrote the first one and simply copied it with different names and slightly different spelling mistakes in each one to add a personalizing touch.
xmas thank you letters on lined paperThen we met a few familiar faces in or near Giant Tesco when we went to buy essentials like green tea and magic raspberries (yes) and I was off the hook. The ladies of the Puddle Group have a little superstitious ritual of their own when drinking 'Prosecco', it's to place one raspberry in the glass which wards off the evil spirits of Hangover, apparently.
sofa full of boys on tabletsSo we proactively protected ourselves from Oestrogoth, Terror of Premenstrua by buying in some out-of-season soft fruit flown in specially from Spain.
We watched the skyscraper fire in Dubai, next town over from where I got my leopard skin (from the King of Sharjah) and I played 'The Fat Kid' on my favourite Minecraft server which is where one player is the Fat Kid who has impenetrable armour and a one-hit-kills sword but can't move very fast.
welsh girl in fancy dress
We waited ages for Jof to get ready and walked round to Erins' for a party that was full of Welsh people.
The dichotomy between the girlies and us boys is now complete, we found ourselves some electronic devices and hid ourselves away totally. Erin had set up a 'Photo Booth' which was a corner of the room with a frame and many wigs and hats and Elton John glasses etc and all the fun people wore them and we didn't because we're far too cool.
We got home at some point which was late but I've been in training for that so I didn't mind.

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